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Includes advice, communication, the filing, and a suite of typical startup
post incorporation documents
*plus filing fee

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Includes advice, communication, a comprehensive search for  conflicting marks, and the filing.
*plus filing fee

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Includes advice, communication,
term sheet review andclosing package creation or review.
*convertible notes only

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Flat Fee Pricing

Here at Elevate Law, we believe in simple, and up front pricing. That's the reason flat fee pricing is provided for the core services provided by the firm. You'll never walk into a store and guess or be surprised at the price of goods. Working with a law firm shouldn't be any different.

This is one of the core beliefs of this firm and something that we've had since day one. Feel free to browse the services provided, learn about what you get for your money, and if you feel this might be the firm for you, send a message that you'd like to talk.

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