Avoiding Trademark Issues

Repeat after me...."I will not pay a designer and start using a logo for my business without first checking the trademark database"  With all the cost of paying a graphic designer, going through several iterations, and the trouble of finally settling on the perfect logo out of many options I know the last thing anyone wants to do is pay to search the trademark database. But here's the thing, I'm sure some designers might do this, but I've never come across one that searches the trademark database for similar marks to the one they're creating.

Don't waste your time and money on buying and employing a logo and then discover after a year, market recognition, and a million social media followers that you can't trademark your logo and protect it. Or even worse....learn you're infringing on someone else's trademark when you get a nasty worded cease and desist letter in the mail.  Ask someone to look before you leap. Someone who can check and see how unique that logo really is.

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